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Billing Services

1. Free telephone consultation 


• Common issues exclusive to Registered Dietitian billing and coding

• Carriers that accept Registered Dietitians in their plans 

• Plans that reimburse for Registered Dietitian

• Payable diagnosis codes 


2. Free setup 


• State of the art HIPAA compliant billing software (Criterions).

• Capability to generate reports for all practices. 

• Electronic claims submission 

• Electronic statements 

• Document scanning 

• Electronic medical records 


3. Manual review of your claim prior to submission 


• Insurance address verification 

• Patient information validation

• Patient identification review

• Diagnosis code review 

• Referral or authorization status 

• Statistics show that approximately 95% of clean claims are paid correctly




4. Timely submission of claims 


• All claims are processed within 72 hours of receipt 

• Electronic or paper submission

• Submit to all secondary carriers 

Follow up on all outstanding claims 

• Generate appeal letters as needed



5. Payment Posting 


• Electronic or manual posting of insurance payments 

• All payments always go directly to the client

• Track payments and outstanding co-pays 


6. Patient Statements 


7. Collect on your prior problem claims 


8. Support with network participation


• Credentialing and re-credentialing through CAQH website ("Simplifying Healthcare Administration")




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