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Q – I am considering going in private practice. What do I need to get started?

A- You will need an individual NPI #.  If your company is an LLC or Corp, you will need an NPI # for your company as well.


Q – Should I bill under my SS# or obtain a Tax ID #?

A – Consult your accountant.   Consider your private practice goals over the next 5 years.  Will you employ other RD’s?  Consider an LLC or Corporation and do it prior to applying to insurance companies.  


Q- What plans should I participate with?

A – Research the most popular plans in your state.  Contact the referring physician’s office to determine what plans they participate with and try to align yourself with those plans.  Complete your CAQH application online, and reach out to the payors that you have chosen


Q – Can I see patients while my application is “in process”?

A – You are considered out of network until you received a signed and “executed” contract.


Q – Which plans cover nutritional counseling?

A – Many plans cover nutritional counseling, but benefits vary based on employer group or patients policy specific.  Many plans cover “preventive” services through the Affordable Care Act.


Q – What is Telehealth or Telemedicine?

A - Telemedicine is the real-time or near real-time two-way transfer of medical data and information using an interactive audio/video connection for the purposes of medical diagnosis and treatment.


Q – Is an RD eligible to provide Telehealth or Telemedicine services?

A – Yes.  Contact your specific payer in your state to inquire about regulations and qualifications.  Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance carriers have different rules.


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